Golden Lion Tamarin

Leontopithecus rosalia

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Golden lion tamarins live in groups of about 2 to 8 individuals, usually consisting of one breeding pair, their offspring, and other relatives, or rarely, non-relatives. The breeding female will usually give birth to twins, and although the father will carry the infants for the majority of the time, all other members in the group will assist. The mother’s main duty is simply to nurse the infants. Adolescent golden lion tamarins that help to raise the babies, in turn, have a higher rate of success when becoming parents of their own. Without this prior experience, it may take new golden lion tamarin parents several births before the babies actually receive the proper care to grow healthy. Once the youngsters reach sexual maturity, the same sex parent will drive him/her out of that group’s territory. 
 These endangered primates have benefitted greatly from captive breeding and release programs.


Fruits, insects, and small lizards 
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