Brazilian Agouti

Dasyprocta leporina

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Brazilian agoutis have hair on their rump that is much longer than the hair on the rest of their bodies, such that they can actually hold it erect much like a porcupine does with its quills. Agoutis have such a great sense of hearing that they can hear fruit hit the forest floor! Moreover, agoutis have an exceptional sense of smell, hiding any extra food that they may have and later locating it with their nose. If the nuts are not found, a new tree may grow, which helps Brazil ensure a supply of its most valuable export, Brazilian nuts.

Brazilian agoutis are fairly social rodents and may live in pairs or small groups, consisting of the mating pair and its recent offspring. Agoutis will forage in these same groups in order to keep a better eye out for predators. It is believed that these pairs mate for life, and they will defend their territory together. They may shift their territory to areas with more food if needed. A female will have 1 to 3 offspring, and the young will stay with the parents for over 20 weeks.


Fallen fruits and nuts
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