Umbrella Cockatoo

Cacatua alba

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Umbrella cockatoos generally mate for life and if separated from their partner can suffer from depression. A female will usually lay an average of 2 eggs per season. However, she, along with her mate, typically will only raise one of the chicks. If the first chick hatches healthy, this will be the chick the parents will raise; on the other hand, if the first chick is malformed or unhealthy, the parents will “neglect” the chick and wait until the next egg hatches. 

This species is highly intelligent and has been seen using tools, such as a branch, to scratch their backs. Although social, umbrella cockatoos can be found singly, in pairs, in small groups, or even in flocks of up to 15 individuals. Nonetheless, close bonds are only formed between mating pairs.


Mainly fruits, but may also eat insects and reptiles

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