Malayan Sun Bear

Helarctos malayanus

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The Malayan sun bear is the smallest species in the bear family. It gets its name from the yellowish crescent marking on its chest resembling a rising or setting sun. Due to its small size, strongly curved claws, and large paws with hairless soles, the sun bear is a skillful climber and spends the majority of its time in a tree. Nonetheless, the sun bear is capable of putting up a fight when needed. It can and will inflict damage on predators by standing on its hind legs and attacking, using its claws, disproportionately large canine teeth and powerful jaws. If a predator happens to grab hold of a sun bear around its neck, it can turn in its loose skin and bite the attacker.

Unlike most bears, the Malayan sun bear lives in a region that provides food year round, thus eliminating the need to hibernate through the winter. 


fruit, honey, insects and their larvae, small rodents, lizards, birds, earthworms, green vegetation and roots
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