Bos frontalis

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The gaur is the largest species of wild cattle in the world. Gaurs possess strong, curved horns, which are present in both sexes, with the males being larger.  

Gaur live in herds that range from 5 to 10 individuals. The herd consists of one dominant male and the rest being cows and juveniles. Among the entire herd, dominance is determined by size. Other males are known to form bachelor groups.

During the breeding season unattached males will roam to females to mate. Males can make loud resonant tones that can be heard up to a mile away during the breading season. Gaur also have additional vocalizations which can include an alarm call, –high-pitched snort and a “moo”- and a halting call –which commands the herd to stop and assemble. 


Grasses, shoots and leaves
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