South American Red-Footed Tortoise

Chelonoidis carbonaria

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Male South American red-footed tortoises do not have a set territory in which to defend. Males simply battle for the opportunity to mate with females who may be in the area. That is to say, when males come across another tortoise of the same species, they will engage in a head movement consisting of a series of jerks away from and back to a middle position. If the other tortoise is a male, he will reply with the same head movement, and a battle will ensue. If female, mating may occur and she may lay several clutches throughout mating season, but she does not incubate the eggs. Before leaving the nest, she will make sure that the eggs are well-hidden within the leaf litter. Eggs with an average incubation temperature above 88° Fahrenheit (31°C) will hatch as females, while eggs with an average incubation temperature below 82° Fahrenheit (28° C) will hatch as males.


Fallen fruit, grasses, leaves, flowers, and carrion.



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