Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis

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The Madagascar giant day gecko is bright green with a red stripe on the face and red dots on the back. These bright colors help them to camouflage with the tropical leaves as they wait for prey. They are diurnal and can often be seen basking. Giant day geckos are arboreal animals (live in trees) and are very territorial. On the flat toe pads are adhesive scales which assist the gecko when climbing trees.
Geckos are the only lizards that can produce more than a hiss or other simple sound. They tap their tongue against the roof of their mouths and make all kinds of squeaks, clicks, barks and croaks. Geckos have no eyelids and actually lick their eyes clean with their long tongue.


Crabs, insects, spiders, scorpions and sweet fruit
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