Green Basilisk

Basiliscus plumifrons

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The green basilisk lizard spends much of its time in trees that are near water. If they feel threatened while on a branch hanging over the water, they simply let themselves drop into the water and take off running. They can run upright approximately 5 feet per second across the surface of the water and are sometimes called the Jesus Christ Lizard. 
They lay eggs several times a year and have approximately 20 eggs per clutch. The eggs hatch between 70 – 150 days. All hatchlings are born with the ability to run (on land and water), climb, and swim.
The green basilisk is a very bright green. The males have a large crest which is used to attract females. The female is smaller than the male and does not have a large crest. 


Small insects, snails, frogs, fish, and lizards; plant material and occasionally fruit
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