Eyelash Viper

Bothriechis schleglii

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The eyelash viper is nocturnal and arboreal. It hunts from late evening through early morning.  It is one of the smallest venomous snakes in Central America, but one of the most dangerous.  When subduing its prey, the snake grabs it and holds on while it injects venom.  

The eyelash viper gets its name because of its pointed scales above its eyes. These "eyelashes" may also serve as camouflage as it makes it more difficult for predators to find the snake in the foliage of the tree. 

The color of the snake depends on the geographical origin and can range from olive green to bright yellow and red. The scales of this species are rough and sharp. It is thought that this adaptation protects them from branches and vines that they encounter when traveling through the trees.


Small mammals, birds and nestlings, frogs and lizards
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