Burmese Python

Python molurus bivittatus

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The Burmese python is the largest of the three subspecies of Indian pythons (P. molurus). They have poor eyesight, so they have to rely on specialized receptors on their tongue and heat sensors on their jaw to find a meal. Pythons are constrictors, meaning that they squeeze their prey  to death. Once they do find a meal, the snake holds its meal in place with back curving teeth that grab prey so that it can be positioned and swallowed whole. The jaws of the python separate so that the snake can eat an animal that is four to five times as wide as its head.
Hatchlings spend a lot of time in trees but as they grow and become heavier, they switch to a more terrestrial lifestyle. Burmese pythons are good swimmers and can stay submerged below the water for about 30 minutes.


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