African Slender Snouted Crocodile

Crocodylus cataphractus

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The African slender snouted crocodile spends much of its time awake during the day. It is generally found alone, but can be found with other African slender snouted crocodiles at the start of mating season.

Slender snouted crocodiles hear very well, and their eyesight and sense of smell are well developed. It has a long slender snout (hence its name), with 64 -70 sharp teeth.
This lighter, narrower snout is perfect for snatching the croc’s favorite food: fish. The unique snout (mouth and nose combined) can often act like a pair of tweezers and allows the crocodile to remove prey from holes and small crevices.
Slender snouted crocodiles are said to have a call that sounds like a truck backfiring. It is the only crocodilian species known to climb as high as several yards or meters into the limbs of trees fallen along streams.


Fish, insects, crabs, frogs
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