Western Lowland Gorilla

Gorilla gorilla gorilla

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Western lowland gorillas live in troops ranging from 3 to 21 individuals. Adult males are called silverbacks, and there is usually 1 dominant male that leads the group, although the group may contain more than 1 silverback. The dominant male is responsible for deciding when and where the group will stop to eat or sleep and for taking care of the youngsters in order to allow the females to forage. He is also responsible for protecting the troop, often intimidating others with chest-beating and hooting while the rest of the troop disappears.

Nonetheless, western lowland gorillas are for the most part considered to be non-aggressive, only attacking when provoked. Since his reproductive success depends on exclusive mating rights with the females in his group, violence is also witnessed when the dominant male is attempting to get the females to cycle sooner by killing unrelated infants. 


During the wet season, western lowland gorillas will eat mostly fruits, and during the dry season, they will consume herbs and bark.

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