Sumatran Orangutan

Pongo pygmaeus abelii

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Male Sumatran orangutans are solitary, while females travel with their offspring. If a male and female orangutan happen to run into each other, they are generally tolerant of one another; two males who cross paths are generally not as friendly.

Unlike chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas, orangutans live primarily up in the forest canopy. They are physically adapted to such a life that when they do come down to the ground, they must walk on the outside of their curved foot, called fist walking; they are unable to knuckle-walk as the other apes do. Their extremely long arms allow them to reach far, and their slender hands with short thumbs and long fingers allow them to hook onto branches.   



Fruit (most commonly figs and durian), leaves, bark, flowers, small mammals and termites
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