Somali Wild Ass

Equus africanus somalicus

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Wild asses are shorter than both zebras and horses, but have larger ears. They have fine hearing and vision. They are intelligent and though they will defend themselves with powerful kicks if they have to, they’d rather run than fight.  

The Somali wild ass is the smallest of the wild equids. It lives in extremely high temperatures so it grazes early in the morning and again late in the day when it gets cooler. Its small, narrow hooves help it to move through the rocky land in which it lives. 

Though small herds usually made up of mares and their offspring do exist, the Somali wild ass often lives alone because of the scarcity of food. Solitary stallions protect their territory, which often includes a water source. Larger groups may form when more food and water is available (usually during the rainy season). 


Herbivore: prefers grasses, will eat scrub, tough desert plants and bark

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