Malayan Tiger

Panthera tigris jacksoni

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Though lions can be taller, tigers are both the longest and heaviest of the great cats. The Sumatran is the smallest living subspecies. The Amur (formerly Siberian tiger) is the largest subspecies, while the Bengal tiger is the most common subspecies. The Malayan tiger was recognized as a distinct subspecies in 2004, and was named after tiger conservationist, Peter Jackson.

A tiger’s tail is a little less than half its head/body length. Male tigers are from 1 to 1.5 times larger than females and have wider paws. Tigers are the only big cats that have stripes, and each individual tiger has its own unique pattern of stripes. 

Tigers are stalk and ambush hunters. They can move quietly and slowly, their stripes helping them to hide in the tall grass while they stalk their prey. Their tongues, rough as sandpaper, help them to remove every last bit of meat from the bones of their meals. 
Tigers are good swimmers, they like water and will go into pools and rivers to cool off. In the wild, tigers are solitary. Each has its own range, though they sometimes overlap. Tigers use their retractable front claws to mark their territories by scratching on trees. This helps keep claws sharp as well. 


Wild boar; swine, deer, antelope, water buffalo, wild cattle (in some regions of Asia, tigers may also hunt rhino and baby elephants)
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