Lar Gibbon (White-handed Gibbon)

Hylobates lar

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Lar gibbons can be found living in small groups of one mating pair and their offspring. Once the infants become adolescents, they will leave the group. This breeding pair engages in what are considered to be “songs,” with each partner playing a particular role in the “duet.” The female will usually begin the song.

Territory is protected by both the male and female of the pair; the male protects against other males, while the female will do the same to keep away other females.

Like all gibbons, the lar gibbon moves around via brachiation (swinging from one tree branch to another). When on the ground, it walks bipedally, raising its arms over its head for balance. 


Prefers fruits high in sugar, like figs, also eats leaves, flowers, seeds, tree bark and tender plant shoots
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