Panthera onca

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The jaguar is the largest cat in the western hemisphere. In its habitat, the jaguar is the top predator. It is the third largest cat in the world; only lions and tigers are larger. The jaguar is stockier and heavier than the leopard, with a shorter, thicker tail. Most jaguars have tawny gold fur with black rosettes, though some are black on black, earning the dark jaguar the name black panther. This name is misleading as black leopards are often also referred to as black panthers.  

Jaguars are night stalkers that prefer to ambush their prey rather than chase it. They have large jaw muscles which enable them to pierce the skulls of their prey with their sharp teeth. The jaguar is known in South America as “the animal that kills in a single bound”. Jaguars love water and will swim readily.


Peccaries, deer, tapirs, capybaras, tortoises, turtles, caimans, even cattle when wild prey is not available
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