Grant’s Gazelle

Nanger granti

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Grant’s gazelles can be found in herds of up to 30 individuals. These herds consist of a group of females, their offspring, and an adult male that controls the territory; younger males may form bachelor groups that remain on the outskirts of these territories. Adult males mark their territory with dung piles and urine deposits. If confronted with another breeding male, elaborate displays comprising of flicking of the raised head, head-circling, and pointing horns at the opponent take place. 

Grant’s gazelles, like all other gazelles, are known to exhibit a behavior known as “pronking”. This is when the animal repeatedly leaps straight up and down, stiff legged and with a hunched back, and lands on all four feet at once. Although the precise reason for this behavior remains unknown, some possibilities are to intimidate predators, alarm the rest of the heard of potential danger, or to get a better view of their surroundings.


Prefers herbs and shrub foliage, but may also eat grass
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