Eastern Black Rhinoceros

Diceros bicornis michaeli

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Eastern black rhinoceros have two horns made up of fibrous keratin, the same substance that fingernails are made of. The lower horn is longer than the upper one, averaging 18 inches. Black rhinos have a prehensile lip that allows it to pull branches and leaves off trees. 

Black rhinos are solitary, with the exception of a female with her offspring. Males are often hesitant when approaching a female to mate with. Fearing an attack from her, the male may run off, only to return once again later. Male black rhinos have a distinct display, which involves swinging of the head from side to side while brushing the ground with their horn. Black rhinos can run at speeds of 30 miles per hour. 

Black rhinos have a keen sense of smell, thus territories are marked with piles of dung.  Rhinos are critically endangered due to poaching for their horns which are used for medicine in Asian countries.


Branches and leaves of shrubs and trees, long grasses, herbs and some fruit

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