Clouded Leopard

Neofelis nebulosa

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This medium sized cat has a reputation for being mysterious because it is hard to spot in the wild. Though it is a good swimmer, the clouded leopard is known in Malaysia as the tree tiger. This cat can ambush its prey from high in the trees, landing on the back of its prey. The clouded leopard has flexible ankle joints which rotate backward which lets this cat climb down tree trunks head first. The clouded leopard can also climb upside down along the underside of branches, and hang by just its back feet so it can grab its prey with its front paws.

The pupils of the clouded leopard’s eyes stay in an oblong shape, which is different from all other cat species. It also has the longest tail in relation to its body size of any cat species. The male can be up to twice the size of the female. They have the longest canine teeth relative to their body size of any living cat species.


Birds, monkeys, wild pigs, goats, deer and porcupines. 
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