Black Howler Monkey

Alouatta cayara

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These primates are most notorious for the loud resonant sound they produce as a result of an enlarged voice box and pouch in the throat that helps to amplify the sound. This call can be heard up to 2-3 miles away. Males often use this vocalization to defend their territories. However, both males and females begin and end their day with this call in order to figure out how far away another troop may be; males from a nearby troop will return the howl ensuring that each troop will remain widely separated. An average group size includes 5 to 8 individuals, but may reach up to 30 animals.

Given that the more nutritious younger, green leaves are the top of trees, Howler monkeys tend to remain near the treetops. They usually stay away from the ground, only coming down in search of water during dry conditions.       


Primarily leaves, but may also eat fruits and other plant parts 
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