Asian Elephant

Elephas maximus

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Elephants are the largest living land mammals. They are strong, very social, and intelligent. They live in herds headed by a mature female. Elephants use their trunks in a variety of ways, from squirting water on their backs or in their mouths to lifting and manipulating both very small and very large objects. Tusks are used to dig for water, salt and rocks, to remove bark from trees, to move branches, and as weapons. 

Elephants tolerate cold better than heat. They seek shade in the hottest part of the day and they flap their ears to cool off.

Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants. They have convex or curved backs, 2 bumps on their foreheads, smaller ears, and their skin is not as wrinkled as African elephants’. The Asian elephant has only one fingerlike projection at the end of its trunk. Usually it is only the male Asian elephants which have visible tusks.


Grass, fruit, leaves and bark 
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