Vicugna pacos

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Alpacas are natives of South America. They are social herd animals that live in family groups consisting of a dominant male, females and their young. They are hardy, intelligent and social animals that are extremely protective of each other.

The alpaca has excellent eyesight and is generally very alert to any approaching animal. If they sense that there is a potential danger, the alpaca can emit a piercing alarm scream alerting their herd. Alpacas are normally gentle toward humans and other animals with the exception of canines. Alpacas usually chase them away but have also been known to stamp at or on the predator with their front feet, rising off the ground onto their back legs if necessary before bringing their front legs down with considerable speed and force.

Alpacas will generally bond with other herding animals, like sheep and goats and will become protective of them as well. Because of this the alpaca has become an important animal to sheep and goat farmers.
Not all alpacas spit, but all are capable of doing so. The spit mostly contains saliva. However, acidic stomach contents are sometimes included as well. Spitting is mostly reserved for other alpacas, but an alpaca will occasionally spit at a human.


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