African Lion

Panthera leo

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Lions are the only cats to live in groups. These groups are called prides and are social groups made up of 3 to 30 lions. The females in the pride are all related. They will hunt for the entire group and raise their cubs together as a pride.

“King of beasts” and “king of the jungle” are terms that often refer to the male lion. The mane on male lions can vary in color from blond to black. In a fight, the mane protects the lion’s neck against the claws of his opponents. The male lion protects the pride by marking and guarding the pride’s territory while the females are hunting.

Lions are good climbers and can be seen resting in trees. They can sleep up to 21 hours a day. 


Antelope and other hoofed animals (including buffalo and giraffe; baby elephants and rhino); reptiles (even crocs); rodents; have also been known to scavenge/steal from leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs.
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