Lesser Spot-nosed Guenon

Cercopithecus petaurista

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The lesser spot-nosed guenon can be found in groups of 15 to 20 individuals, consisting of a single male and the rest female. The females assist the male in defending territory; however, the females also tend to be the most aggressive in fights. Communication between individuals includes not only vocalizations, but also facial expressions, tail positions, and complex head movements. In dense vegetation, it can be difficult to keep an eye on one another, so spot-nosed guenons rely heavily on the white patches located on their face when communicating via head motions.

Lesser spot-nosed guenons have excellent color vision, which allows for them to easily find ripe fruit. While foraging, they will often store food in their cheek pouches. In order to get from branch to branch, spot-nosed guenons will use their long tails for balance as they leap around.


Fruit, invertebrates, leaves and tree gum
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