Grevy’s Zebra

Equus grevyi

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With its big head, large rounded ears, and erect bristly mane, the Grevy zebra is the largest wild member of the horse family. The Grevy’s zebra has narrow black/brown stripes and one wide dark stripe running the length of its spine from head to tail. Each zebra has its own personal pattern of stripes. The stripes help break up an individual animal’s outline when it is in a group or herd, making it harder for a predator to pick out any single animal to attack. 

While other zebra species are wanderers without definite territories, the male Grevy’s zebra is territorial. The stallion marks his territory with his urine and piles of dung called “middens.” They can run up to 35 miles per hour. Their powerful kick can cause severe injury.


Tough grasses, herbs and leaves 
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