Pan troglodytes

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Chimpanzees are highly intelligent and have been seen making tools out of objects in their environment for termite fishing, ant dipping, sponging water to drink, and tools used for hammers, anvils, or even weapons. Chimpanzees communicate with a wide range of calls, postures and gestures. Each individual has his or her own distinctive pant-hoot, so that the caller can be identified with precision.

Chimpanzee’s live in a fission-fusion community of about 100 individuals, which break up into small groups of 6 to 10 individual members. The membership of these smaller groups is constantly changing as individuals wander off to be alone or to join other groups. Relationships are strengthened and maintained by social grooming, and dominance is established by charging displays. 


Extremely varied but includes fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds, other mammals and termites
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