Arabian Oryx

Oryx leucoryx

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The Arabian Oryx is an antelope that is highly specialized for the harsh desert environment. During the driest seasons, they get most of their water from the desert plants they eat. Also, they can turn their storied body fat into metabolic water to hydrate themselves. They are found in herds of 5 to 30 individuals. However, there are some males that break apart from the herd and live a solitary life. 

The herd is always in constant communication through the use of body posture, snorts, grunts and bleats. The oryx herd members tend to stay in close proximity to each other and will always maintain constant visual contact with the rest of the herd members. Both the female and male oryx have long horns that they use to establish hierarchy.

These antelope are most active during the early morning hours or late in the evening. 
During the day they will spend their time in shallow holes that they dig out with their hooves allowing them access to cooler sand.
For many years this species was extinct in the wild due to overhunting. Captive breeding programs initiated by zoos in the United States, have made the reintroduction of Arabian Oryx possible in some areas.


Succulent grasses, young shoots, shrubs, and numerous tuberous desert plants
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