African Hunting Dog

Lycaon pictus

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Also called the wild or painted dog, this highly social and very vocal canine hunts in packs of 7 to 15 individuals. The dominant pair is the alpha male and alpha female, however, males and females have their own separate dominance hierarchies. Wild dogs help in the rearing of the young, and also caring for sick or wounded pack members.

African wild dogs have an 80% success rate when hunting. The majority of the pack goes on the hunt, which turns into long, open chases in which the wild dogs rely on their stamina to wear down prey such as impala and other fast-moving mammals. Reaching speeds up to 40 miles per hour, the hunting dog can run without stopping for more than an hour.

Upon returning from a hunt, pack members will regurgitate food to feed the dominant breeding female and her young. Their extreme jaw strength enables them not only to eat meat, but also to crush and devour bones. Adult wild dogs will also regurgitate food for those who could not go on the hunt for whatever reason.


Small antelope, wildebeest and zebra
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