African Bush Pig

Potamochoerus larvatus

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 African bush pigs are the largest animals in their region to build nests, with females making hay-like piles of grass up to 10 feet across and 3 feet high. These pigs live in groups of 2 to 10 individuals consisting of females, their young, and a dominant male. The male usually provides the majority of the care and protection for the piglets once they are born, with the exception of nursing.

Bush pigs are great swimmers and enjoy wallowing in mud, although they tend to be nocturnal. Bush pigs have facial warts below the eye-bank similar to warthogs though less pronounced. They also have tusks that are short and knife-like; the upper tusks are not really visible. Bush pigs run with their tails down, in contrast to warthogs who run with their tails up.


Plant roots, rhizomes, bulbs, tubers, fruits and insect larvae 
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