Addra Gazelle

Nanger dama

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Addra gazelles are well adapted to their harsh environments. Because food is scarce, addra gazelle use their long hind legs to reach high vegetation by resting their forelegs on the base of the tree and standing on their hind legs to obtain leaves. They are capable of going long periods of time without water and will acquire their water needs through the plants they consume. Addra gazelles will migrate during the dry season to seek food and water. 

They are found living in large herds of 10 to 20 individuals. Living in a large herd gives addra gazelles the advantage of being more alert for predators. When a predator is spotted, it’s not uncommon to see an addra gazelle, like other gazelles, repeatedly jumping straight up and down, stiff legged, landing on all four feet at once; this behavior, known as “stoting” or “pronking,” may not only alert others of predators, but it can also be used for simply for getting a better view of the surroundings. 


Herbs, coarse desert grasses and shrubs 
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