Saddle-billed Stork

Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis

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The saddle-billed stork is possibly the largest and heaviest of all stork species. Unlike most storks, however, this species prefers to live in solitary or on some occasions, in pairs. These pairs are thought to last for years, if not for life. The male tends to do most of the nest building, while the female supervises, throwing out anything she may not approve of. Both parents will go on to help incubate the eggs and later to assist in feeding the chicks. In order to help keep the chicks cool, parents will often regurgitate water over the chicks, who even drink from this water from time to time. 


Although these birds prefer to feed on frogs, crabs, and fish, they can and will eat whatever they can get their beaks on, like small birds and reptiles

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