Buff-crested Bustard

Eupodotis gindiana

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The buff-crested bustard has three different displays: an aerial display, in which the male will fly up in the air and perform a semi backward somersault, and two different posture displays. In the first posture display, the male will stand with his neck curved down and his head parallel to the floor while he utters a soft low-pitched clicking sound. He will usually do this when near a female. In the second posture display, the male will make a similar call as in the first display, but standing upright instead. He will gradually turn the low pitched screeches into high pitched screeches. 

Buff-crested bustard males tend to be aggressive, often leading to or resulting in serious injury, when attempting to copulate with a female. Once a female surrenders, the male usually pecks around her head and back in a violent manner.


Plant material as well as insects
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