A Didgeridoo Just for You

The didgeridoo is an old time wind instrument used by aboriginals from Australia since ancient times. Have fun making your own and see what kinds of sounds you can make with it!

Items you will need:

  • One wrapping paper cardboard roll or two to three paper towel tubes tightly taped together end to end with heavy duty or masking tape to make it 3-4 feet long.
  • Construction paper – in any colors that you prefer
  • Glue
  • Markers and/or paint and brushes
  • Decorative items such as ribbon, string, yarn, glitter, beads, pictures of Australian animals (kangaroo, koala, skink lizard), craft feathers, or other ornaments 

What to do:

  1. Use glue to paste colored construction paper around the cardboard tube, leaving both ends open; or you can use markers or paint to color the tube and let it completely dry.
  2. Time to decorate your instrument! Paint and then paste decorative items around your didgeridoo (you may wrap them around it or attach them to it and let them hang). If you glue feathers or beaded strings on the outside of the tube ends be sure not to block the openings. Let it dry.
  3. Now have fun experimenting with your new instrument! You can play standing or sitting. Hold the instrument straight in front of you and blow into it to make a drone sound (a low buzzing sound similar to a motorboat). If it is too long for you, let one end rest on the ground. 

Some cool ideas:

Try playing your didgeridoo where sounds are amplified, such as in a metal bucket or a shower stall. You can even add your own voice by humming or making animal sounds (dog barks or a kangaroo hopping sound). So, have fun expressing yourself with your didgeridoo! Replicate sounds that you hear in nature and try making up a song about the Australian wildlife.

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